Provider Credentials:

Cary Imeson is a master’s level social worker.  She maintains an independent practice and is licensed by the state of Idaho.  Her education and training have provided her with specialized knowledge and advanced practice skills in the areas of assessment, treatment planning, implementation and evaluation, case management, information and referral, supportive counseling, and supervision and consultation with clients.   Cary is working toward an advanced clinical license and provides psychotherapy under clinical supervision of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  In accordance with a State of Idaho approved supervision plan, a Clinical Supervisor will review and/or co-sign counseling treatment plans and progress notes and will consult with Cary on your individual treatment goals and progress.



Individual counseling is offered to any person over the age of thirteen. Multi-Person counseling is available to supports individuals in various types of relationships.  Multi-Person relationships include romantic relationships as well as relationships involving roommates, friends and family.  Cary Imeson Counseling Services reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.


Hours of Operation:

Cary Imeson Counseling Service is open by appointment only.  General office hours are Tuesday/Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Wednesday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.   Clients with after hours emergencies should present to the nearest emergency room or call 911.


Counseling Process:

Cary is committed to providing you with mental health services that best meet your needs.  Your first appointment will be an Intake Session, which is typically 60-75 minutes long.  During your Intake Session Cary will help you assess your needs, gather pertinent history, explore your concerns, provide support, and incorporate your goals into a treatment plan. Your returning appointments will typically last 45-50 minutes.  The frequency of your return appointments may vary and will be established in consultation with Cary.  In order for you to receive the most benefit from your counseling sessions your active participation is required.

Cary’s primary purpose is to help you become effective in dealing with concerns that influence your ability to achieve success in pursuit of personal goals through solution-focused services.


Animal Assisted Therapy

Numerous bodies of research have found that animal assisted (canine) therapy can be beneficial to clients.  Dogs can provide a calming influence, alert the therapist early to clients' distress, and help to facilitate communication and interaction. Others have proposed that a dog can serve as a clinical bridge in psychotherapy, providing an entree to more sensitive issues.  With client consent, Cary will occasionally have her dog (Golden Retriever) present during therapy.


Benefits and Risks of Counseling:

Benefits of counseling may include but are not limited to: an improved ability to relate to others; a clearer understanding of self, your values and/or goals; increased academic productivity; and an ability to cope with everyday stress.


While benefits are expected from the counseling process, there may be periods of increased anxiety or uncertainty, which may affect relationships, your job, and/or your understanding of yourself. It is impossible to predict the extent to which you might experience these changes. You and your Provider will work together to maximize the benefits of the counseling process.


In compliance with Idaho state statutes, all the information obtained during your counseling session will be kept confidential as required by law. Information gathered during your counseling session will not be revealed to anyone outside of Cary Imeson Counseling Services without your consent except in the following situations where disclosure is required by law:


  • Where there is reasonable suspicion or report of abuse to vulnerable populations, including children, elderly persons, and individuals who are unable to advocate for themselves.
  • Where you present serious and foreseeable harm to yourself or others.
  • If ordered by a judge for the purpose of a legal proceeding.
  • In specific cases of law enforcement emergency for
    national security issues.

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